Capital Christian Media Communications (CCMC) is a fully equipped Video and TV production facet of Capital Christian Ministries International dedicated to fulfilling the Vision of the ministry in its quest to reach out to the African nations, propagating the Good News of Christ to all humankind. This ministry aspect has been fully functional and consistently getting upgraded to meet the current Multimedia trends and demands.

CCMC has state of the art equipment for Production and Post production to handle High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD). CCMC has the rare capacity to produce and edit PAL and NTSC formats as well. Our HD and SD cameras give out the best picture quality to meet any broadcast standard globally.

Video Production


Some of the production capabilities include:

  • Live event full production with projection and stage lighting.
  • Field camera production
  • Studio set production
  • Music video production
  • Celebration Occasions (e.g. Weddings graduation ceremony)
  • Funeral Processions
  • Hire of Production equipment
  • Commercial Adverts
Post Production

Post Production

Some of the Post-production capabilities include:

  • Video Editing
  • Television Editing
  • Feature Editing
  • Music Video Editing
  • DVD and CD Authoring
  • DVD and CD Duplication
  • DVD and CD Printing
  • Hire of Post-production facilities
State of the art equipment

In-house Equipment

Recently, Capital Christian Media Communications (CCMC) upgraded it’s workstations to the new HP xw8400 and xw 8600 and 24” LCD monitors that have been added to the Avid department. Furthermore, the Editing Platform (software) Avid has been upgraded to Media Composer v5.5.1. Avid Media Composer (MC) is a flag ship of Avid editing software technology. The AVID editing platform is the market leader in Hollywood Movie post-production and in most Television feature shows and news in major TV corporations. It’s the intention of the CCMC to further upgrade the system to top-of-line Avid Symphony Nitris and DS Nitris HD editing systems in the coming year 2014.

The HP xw8400 and xw8600 has been an amazing addition to our department. Avid has a very short list of approved systems, and HP has been the premiere choice for many years. This is by far the fastest system ever worked on, and the good thing is that it can handle Avid’s top-of-line Symphony Nitris and DS Nitris HD editing systems.

Our original systems used CRT’s PC monitors, and we now have LCD panels, these new HP LP2465’s are simply amazing. We really appreciate the 24” size, as they give us more screen real estate. You can see your entire Timeline, and still have more than enough room for all of the Tools and palettes. They have an extremely high contrast ratio which provides a stunning picture. These displays also have a super-wide viewing angle. This allows for comfortable collaborative editing or training sessions. Physically, they are fully adjustable, so everybody can set them up the way they like.

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